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Status Under review
Created by Lars Haugsted
Created on Oct 27, 2022

Hubspot integration - Log all calls regardless if RingCentral & Hubspot browser is closed + Missed calls for call queues

The new RingCentral for Hubspot Chrome Extension does help in logging some but not all calls. If you are out of office, not logged in (aka after business hours) and/or hubspot is not open at all times... then calls do not log. This creates the issue of all calls received outside business hours or to users who are out of the office... are not logging in our Hubspot CRM. This causes gaps in the visibility of our customer interactions and communications.

Also, missed calls into a shared phone number/call queue do not log into Hubspot or if they do it logs the call as a missed call to a specific RingCentral user when it is our general company phone number so it should log as missed call to "Customer Service" (the name of the call queue/shared number)

  • Christoph Fromme
    Apr 6, 2023


  • Armani Mahoozi
    Dec 27, 2022

    Also, calls received via mobile app (my preferred way of using RingCentral) are not logged at all. The mobile app doesn't seem to recognize Hubspot in any way at all