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Status Under review
Created by Cole Devitt
Created on Oct 31, 2022

Copy Custom Answering Rules to other Sites

My company has nine sites within RingCentral that all use the same Holiday schedule for office closures. Every year, I have to spend time manually inputting these hours into the custom answering rule I have for each location.

It's Oct 31'st 2022 at time of writing, so to fill in the entries for all of next years Holiday’s requires the below # of clicks per date;

New Years Day - 7 clicks total

1 click to open the From calendar, 3 clicks on the arrow to get over to January, 1 click to select the 2nd and finish the From calendar, then another 2 clicks to select the To calendar and click the 3rd as the end day.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - 8 clicks

Same as New Years Day, plus the click to add a new entry.

Good Friday - 11 clicks

Primary Election Day - 12 clicks

Memorial Day - 12 clicks

Independence Day - 14 clicks

Labor Day – 16 clicks

Columbus Day – 17 clicks

General Election Day – 18 clicks

Veterans Day – 18 clicks

Thanksgiving Day/Lincoln's Birthday – 18 clicks

Christmas Day/Washington’s Birthday – 19 clicks

This is 170 clicks per location, plus mouse wheel action to move the browser down to see the calendar, which is necessary once you have more than say 2-3 entries on the list. Lets call that another 7 clicks to do so since that’s also finger movement. 177 total clicks total.

Times 9 sites equals 1593 freaking mouse clicks that I have to spend an hour or three doing.

Thank Jesus I don’t actually need to put in specific times on each Holiday entry because holy crap, 30 clicks to go from 00 to 30 minutes? Get outta here.

A couple other ideas;

Why can't I paste into these date boxes? Even if I can't copy over these custom rules eventually, why am I forced into clicking everything here? Separate out the date and time fields if you must to enable pasting. Think of my poor mouse hand here!

Or, allow the import of correctly formatted CSV or excel file so I can load the dates that way. Four columns, start date, start time, end date, end time which pre-fills the appropriately separated boxes from the prev suggestion.

Gosh, if you’d just consider setting the To box’s default date to be the From date +1 day, that alone would save me almost 100 clicks in total.

Even making the default date of the next rule be the same date as the preceding rule would cut down on clicks, to a point.

This specific UI needs serious work, please consider all of my suggestions. I’m glad I only have to mess with the Holiday rules once a year because this takes hours, really bothers my wrist, and quite frankly generates spite on my side. All easily avoidable with some changes to the UI. Thanks.

  • David Smucker
    Nov 9, 2023

    Importing Rules seems the only reasonable option. We have 100 sites, each with a separate marketing phone number target. There should be a download template that can be populated, then uploaded and validated by RC.

  • Robert Singleton
    Sep 6, 2023

    I have this same problem, but on a different scale. My company has fewer holidays, but I have over 250 sites and we are constantly growing. Changing holidays each year is a several-hundred-clicks process reapeated 250 plus times (see attached screen capture, made back when I had only 234 sites). It ends up taking several days. Some implmentation of a Custom Rules template would greatly facilitate this tedious annual task as well as streamlining the process of adding sites.