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Status Under review
Created by Donnie Brewer
Created on Nov 2, 2022

Export of all Fax User Data

The ability to export all fax user data is needed to avoid having to manually view the data through the users. Currently, the export only shows the main user data, but not any sub-user data of those who are configured to send and receive faxes or notifications. Imaging having 1000 fax numbers under you purview, and you need to have a report listed showing all the users who have access to send and receive. The time taken to review all user records would be daunting. In the event you want to add a user to an existing fax account, and that user is already configured as a sub-user for another fax number, there is no quick way to find which user account is configured with that user. Also, that sub-user cannot be found in the User List search.