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Status Under review
Created by Andrew Chavez
Created on Nov 3, 2022

Editing Main Admin & Internal Messaging (Privacy Liability Moderation)

Hey RingCentral,

A contractor set up our business with you and they are no longer with us. I've been co administering this account with her since the beginning. Someone else took her position and we gave the account to him, not realizing that they had administrative permissions. This worked out because he slid into that position eventually. However he was also let go recently.

Further, I did not know that the main admin also received emails regarding text usage.

There is currently no way to:

1) edit who receives these usage notifications by email
2) edit the permissions of whomever was the main admin, so anyone who inherits it will automatically become SuperAdmin.

3) wipe the messages associated with this account so anyone who inherits it in the future will receive all of their internal RingCentral Messages, texts, and voicemails.

Any other account I'm able to delete the extension and rebuild it to wipe all messages but there are times that we recive texts to a number from clients who send evidence that we do not want to lose. There is no way to get rid of JUST the internal RC messages, which may be rife with potential innappropriate information or private confidential information belonging to that person. And because this extension is the Main Admin, there is no way of getting rid of ANY of these messages, even if I wanted to.

This is an HR nightmare and could open us up to liability for violations as to Privacy without the tools to properly moderate.