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Status Under review
Created by Dean Eckstrom
Created on Nov 9, 2022

Reverse the order of PERLs vs ERLs shown in the RC App dialog

When changing an emergency address with the RC Desktop application a dialog is shown with current Company ERLs and personal PERLs. Presently the Company ERLs are shown first followed by the PERLs.

With hybrid work commonplace these days users often must switch between home and work addresses. PERLs are a convenient way to toggle this. Yet in the RC Desktop App the ERLs are shown first, followed by the PERLs (see attached image).

In light of the Ray Baum Act E911 addresses for our work locations must now include a room number. We do not envision setting ERLs for every possible room on the Cornell Campus (~30,000). We also expect users to maintain this information with PERLs.

We propose the PERLs be shown to the user in order first since they are the most likely to be selected. This would help encourage users to maintain and use their PERLs. The current ordering appears to encourage users picking some random ERL as many fail to scroll to the bottom of the list.