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Status Under review
Created by Richard Valenta
Created on Nov 9, 2022

Analytics time frame in reporting

It would be nice when selecting a time frame to be able to select Sun ~ Saturday in addition to last business week Mon~Fri. We can do last 7 days and sort of make that happen with the day of the week we deliver the report, but we'd like to track calls including weekends on weekly reports. It would also be nice if we could have one desiged report for asite, and then on the subscription be able to specify which timeframe is used, so instead of designing 2 reports for Monthly and Weekly, we have one report, and two subscriptions for the different (or even maybe one subscription that sends both time frames, etc).

It would also be nice to see a page of all performance reports vs. a navigation bar to sort through (difficult with many selections) and also some users level security (which user can get at which reports) and ability to share reports between users easily. I understand that is a pretty big enhancement. This would make it more competitive with the old Mitel Brightmetrics reporting features. Dashboard access is also sort of the same deal. We have users that woud like Dashboard access but I don't want them seeing other locations, so I have to play around a bit behind the scenes to make that happen with temporary users and passwords... it would be nice to have that built in.