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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Ron Depner
Created on Nov 11, 2022

Get a number porting process that works.

I have spent countless hours on hold with Ringcentral's porting team and my cell phone company in Canada from which I am trying to port numbers into Ringcetral. Ringcentral's MVP package looks awesome and I've got it all set up on my end, just waiting for my numbers to be ported. Problem is, even though I've done everything right, and even though my cell phone company has done everything right, attempt after attempt fails. Ringcentral sends the same (poorly written) template email every time, stating that the failure happened because I didn't respond to the authorization text messages fast enough. Problem is, of course, I didn't get text messages because my cell phone company didn't even get the authorization request. We've been through this countless times now and still, no success. And the same "pass-the-buck" responses from the porting team who clearly don't know what they are doing. Two of the times, a request did actually arrive at my cell phone company. Unfortunately they were already expired before they even arrived there. Not much they can do about that then...

Their partnership with Comwave (who they contract with to do the porting) seems to not be working, especially when combined with the time zone differences between here and the Comfree porting folks in the Philippines. Hmmm. Anyway... how about somebody over there looks into this?