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Status Under review
Created by Aaron Taylor
Created on Nov 14, 2022

DND Reminders

I don't have a physical desk phone and rely solely on the RingCentral Windows app. I typically have other applications running in front of the RingCentral app and since I am only in the RingCentral app a small percentage of my day, often times I forget that DND is on when I return to my desk. It would be nice to have some additional DND reminder options such as:

  1. An indicator (i.e. a red dot, or a red line, etc.) on both of the Windows task bar icons (the pinned icon in the task tray and the icon in the notification area) that shows DND is enabled.

  2. The option to turn off (or on for that matter) DND by right-clicking the RingCentral icon in the notification area and having a DND option on the context menu.

  3. An option in the settings that would send you reminders (i.e, emails or Windows toast notifications), on a regular basis (option to select every 30 minutes, every hour, etc.) that your DND was still enabled.