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Status Under review
Created by JJ Vinas
Created on Nov 14, 2022

One-Page View of Directory/Status

With our old phone system (Mitel), there was an applet named Phone Assistant( It provided a one-page view of all users and their current status (On a call, DND, idle, out, etc.). It was extremely helpful as call handlers can quickly make decisions on who can accept a call transfer.

The closest thing to this with RingCentral would be to look at everyone's status in the messaging page of the RingCentral app. Due to regulatory restrictions, we needed to have the messaging feature disabled in our RingCentral app. In an effort to duplicate something similar, our RingCentral expert helped us manually setup a Presence Template, to which we added all employees. Now in the RingCentral App, under Phone>HUD>Extensions we can see all users and their status, however it just shows as line items. Which means a receptionist would have to scroll through the entire directory to see all users' status. If we could get this to display as tiles, we'd be able to fit all or most employees into a quick one-page view.

If there's a different solution to provide this same feature, we'd love to know what it is. If this is the only workaround for now, we'd love to be able to change the display from list to tiles.

I have attached what the Mitel Phone Assistant provided as well as what we now have with the custome setup presence template in RingCentral.