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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Stephen Weiss
Created on Nov 17, 2022

Block SPAM Faxes using OCR and User defined Phrases

It would be great if RingCentral could perform an OCR on incoming faxes and check them against a list of phrases. If the Fax contains a user defined phrase just quietly move it to a spam folder and not notify anyone.

Even better would be the capability to setup a list of named filters each with a list of phrases. For example, I would add a filter for 'Roofing' and it would include phrases: "Roofing", "Serving the Entire Tri-State Area", "To be removed from our distribution list"

Matching of phrases should be selectable to be case-sensitive or not. If Filters are added, there should be an option to match all or any of the phrases defined in the filter.