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Status Under review
Created by Elizabeth Witte
Created on Nov 17, 2022

My Case Portal - Allow attachments at case opening and Add Functionality for Multiple Attachments - Maybe Add Drag & Drop Feature

1) Add Attachments when opening a case

2) Add functionality to add more than one attachment at a time - would love to see a drag and drop

3) Look into the defect errors where trying to open a case or attach large files gives us an error. If we are expected to provide logs and a lot of data, update the system to support what is being required. Right now we are emailing outside of the case because the portal cannot support all of the data we are being asked to dump in the case or attach.

It is extremely time consuming and painful as clients where we can only add one attachment at a time. This is frustrating when we are being requested to provide a lot of documentation, logs, and screenshots at the time a case is opened.