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Status Under review
Created by Stephanie Ismail
Created on Nov 26, 2022

After Hours On-Call Rotation - Rotate Queue by week

We have a group of staff that rotate on-call duties after hours. In the past they would setup IVR to allow customers to contact on-call in an emergency and that would ring to a message only extension. Then, we added everyone's cell to the notifications. Assign the RC contact to our phones, and assign a loud ringtone to be notified when someone had left a VM after hours, then they call them back.

I am trying to assemble a solution that would allow them to use their personal cell phones and I'd be able to create call queues in rotating week chunks. So every 3rd week, someone would be on call (if three people, every 4th week if 4 people).

Right now I can set up by day, but that puts the same person on weekends all the time.