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Status Under review
Created by David Petersen
Created on Dec 1, 2022

CXONE User Access Overview

We like the new report that was added called "BI Access Report" that will help guide us as to how many users can view BI Reports. One thing we would love is some type of access report that would give us when was the last or most recent login date/time a user, mostly Managers, supervisors, admin, etc. accessed the CXone application by itself. We are currently able to see last log in for accessing the Max Agent/Salesforce agent, but not for accessing just the CXone Application. This would be great if we could something build like you did with BI Access Report.

** I've attached a screenshot of an example I'm building out in Power BI. It would contain a drop down of Team selection with agents. Then the columns provide the last log in for the tool itself and the 2nd column when they logged into either the max agent or salesforce agent, etc.