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Status Under review
Created by Phillip Thomsen
Created on Dec 2, 2022

Add Outbound call state in the Telephony.Status object

It's come to our attention that users of our application start ringing when they make an outbound call, so we would appreciate a fix in some way.

Currently these states are supported in the users telephony status object: NoCall, Ringing, CallConnected, OnHold, ParkedCall

Unfortunately we have no way to see if the user made an outbound call or is receiving an inbound call since both states use the Ringing value.

Another solution would be to only switch the outbound calling user to CallConnected when the recipient answers the call, skipping the Ringing state during outbound calling, but allow the recipient to still go to Ringing before they take the call.

Currently this affect us in the use of GetUnifiedPresence call.