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Status Future consideration
Created by Chris Redmond Ext 1147
Created on Dec 16, 2020

RC app search by department

In the RingCentral desktop app, would be a good option to be able to search by information found in the user profile, such as Department and Location.

Often times in larger organizations, someone may be trying to reach someone in a particular department or location for a need, but may not know a name in that department or location.

Product Line RingCentral App
  • Nathan Boyer
    Nov 5, 2021

    We really need this feature as well. The current "filter all contacts" field in the desktop app and "search" (contacts) in the mobile app should look at not just the first and last name fields but also (at least) the "Department" and "Job Title" fields. It would also be good if it was possible to turn on custom fields as searchable (we have a "business unit" field that would also be helpful if it was included in the search).

  • Rick Lyons
    Mar 15, 2021

    This is an absolute must. Can't believe it's not already a feature -.-
    The department information on the profile is complete useless without this.

  • Sandeep Singh
    Jan 6, 2021

    We recienty moved to RingCentral from Cisco and its really strange that search by department is not available in the RC app. Can this be added urgently please?


Ability to search for a department rather than an individual

Users often just want to speak to someone in say finance and would not necessarily know a specific name
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