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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Nancy Greenfield
Created on Dec 21, 2022

Fix multiple issues

  • The new feature to be able to more easily see the dial pad doesn't work. On my Windows PC, I cannot see the dial pad without this app being full screen (which is ridiculous) and when I get the cursor to grab what would normally be a bar for expanding or contracting a column it doesn't move anything.

  • Make everything visible when the screen size is reduced.

  • When I open the "Report an Issue" dialog box and complete the required question, the "Send" button is grayed out and has been grayed out since our company first rolled out this tool. (This isn't the first time I tried to report an issue.)

  • After answering a call from a vendor, I can never find the phone key pad to be able to hang up. Perhaps put big "answer" and "hang up" buttons on the side bar.