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Status Under review
Created by Buster Ferris
Created on Dec 21, 2022

Desktop to Handset

We need to be able to dial on the desktop app or click "return call" and then pick up the phone and it be ringing. In general you desktop app and physical phone need to work seamlessly. Currently its about as broken as something can be.

  • Emily McClain
    Apr 16, 2023

    But that's what call flipping is for? I flip back and forth from my desktop phone, desktop pc, headset, personal cell, and 2 surface pro's all the time seamlessly and the client/debtor/whoever is on the line has no idea that I've completely done a 180 as far as what device I'm talking to them on at the time. Which, my desk phone also has a "headset" button (plus speaker and mute) that I use quite a bit as well if my hand is closer to the desk phone than my mouse.