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Status Under review
Created by ITX Lab
Created on Dec 22, 2022

Add Message like features to SMS Threads

We text our clients a LOT. To the point it can be difficult to keep track of things that have been addressed or not. Having some of the functionality available in normal Messages for SMS threads would be a huge help to manage them. I realize SMS doesn't support the interactive type features where both sides of a convo see things (tasks, events, etc). But being able to do things like Pin specific texts, Attach files to a thread, have the images tab show any images sent/received, assign a task/event (and perhaps give the task assignee visibility to the thread), add notes. Or maybe it's as simple as having the ability to pull a text thread into a message conversation with all the features already there and then a selector that will copy/not copy any text recipients on the messages sent. So treat a text thread like an integrated app in a message/team. Then it's all there. As much as everyone wants SMS to go away - the space is too fragmented (iMessage, RCS, Signal/WhatsApp, Facebook, etc) for any real consolidation so... text is still where it's at. We're paying a lot of money now for SMS given how much we utilize it - enhancing the functionality in RC would make it more worthwhile because it's here for a while.