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Status Under review
Created by Ronald Clune
Created on Dec 29, 2022

Central Location/hub for SMS and Voicemail

Im a small business owner and looking to have one central location or hub that is shared between multiple users (extensions). For example: Phone calls, SMS, Voicemail, and missed calls can be viewed and responded by all users under one umbrella. Currently and specifically SMS & Voicemails go to one specific extension (say extension 101, but ex 102 should also have access to those SMS and Voicemails) and only that extension has access to it, which clogs the system of communication. ALL extensions should have the ability to hear voicemails and respond to SMS in the central location or hub. This way multi extensions can respond to text and if desired different extensions can chime into the text if needed.

  • Ashley Portmann
    Jan 31, 2024


    I have a small practice (veterinary) and it would be incredibly helpful for all calls, voicemails, and SMS messages to be able to be seen by and responded to by any and all members of my team. It is incredibly painful right now to have to field all the text messages solely through my personal extension.

    If that is not possible, what about being able to forward texts to another extension (INCLUDING the text-back number) so that they can then take over and respond?

    If that is not possible, what about having a feature so that we all keep our extensions, but the main line is shared for texting, so anyone can respond?