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Status Under review
Created by Sara Kosciolek
Created on Dec 16, 2020

Send other users a Salesforce record when you transfer a call using RingCentral for Salesforce softphone

If a user links a call in RingCentral for Salesforce softphone to an existing salesforce record (e.g. account, contact), the user should be able to transfer that record to another user when they transfer the call.

Consider the following workflow:

  1. A receptionist in a call group receives a call in the RingCentral for Salesforce softphone.

  2. RingCentral and Salesforce show a list of records the call might be related to.

  3. The receptionist selects the record that matches the call. For example, let's say it's related to a specific account.

  4. The receptionist transfers the call to a sales rep. New: they should see an option to send the account record to the sales rep.

  5. When the sales rep receives the call, they see an option to open the account record as well.

  6. The sales rep accepts the call and they see the account record open on their screen.

Product Line RingCentral Integrations