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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Kim Newberry
Created on Jan 10, 2023

Call Handling for Intercom

Right now, there is only one method of call handling, which works fine for incoming calls. We need to have a separate call handling feature for intercom calls. Right now, if the person you are calling is on the line or unavailable it would go back to our call group 1, which means basically everyone would get the intercom call. So, in the office Person 1 calls Person 2 - if Person 2's line is busy anyone in call group one would then answer the call. It is a bit of wasted time. Is there a feature where if the person you called on intercom is unavailable you can let them know to ring you back? We don't use voice mail - so that is not an option unless voice mail could only be used for interoffice phone calls.