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Status Under review
Created by Bianca Delgado
Created on Jan 17, 2023

New RingCentral - no date stamp for text messages from the day of

Date and time stamp should be included in all text messages being sent within the RingCentral desktop app. At times, this is used in conjunction with our Accounting team to receive confirmation from users to approve certain matters. Having the text message only read 'today' does not help to validate when the communication actually took place (date and time). The only time date and time is included together is when it's a past date.

  • Kevin Chen
    Mar 6, 2023

    Yes, this is a big deal for us! Please help to implement this game changing detail!!

  • Nestor Melchor
    Jan 18, 2023

    This is a really important feature or small detail that nees to be carried over from RC Phone to the RC App. This will be beneficial to all RC Members.