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Status Under review
Created by Michael Elsing
Created on Jan 19, 2023

Live Monitoring a user not a call

Instead of live monitor (listen) to a call, it would be great if you could monitor (listen) to all calls from a user instead of "dial in" to each call.

The use case is, that we have coaches who listen to our calls from our users e.g. one hour. Currently they need to "dial in" in every call individuell. If the could "dial in" just in the beginning and then listen to all calls until they disconnect would save a lot of clicks and missed beginnings of conversations.

  • Spencer King
    Jan 31, 2023

    100% agree with this. Our last phone company which used dinosaur technology had this feature. Didn't even think this would be an issue when we moved over and it's really a big pain when training new employees.