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Status Under review
Created by Kinnaly Amodio
Created on Jan 19, 2023

Attach VM Audio file to the email transcription email

Please create a feature that allows us to forward a voicemail to another RingCentral user within the company directory. Current I would need to download the audio and upload it back to message. Its not efficient.

Another suggestion is to attach the audio with the email notification of the voicemail transcription

  • Emily McClain
    Apr 16, 2023

    I have our office voicemails shot over to slack and auto marking the messages "read" in tthe admin portal (of course they are all still available in there if we DO need them). It popped the audio files on there right off the rip, and we are loving it because we can @ each other and chat back and forth about the vmail/debtor/client/acct direct on that thread, especially since I am in the process of training a new hire who didn't know ANYthing out the repo industry coming in. So when she has a question, she just @'s me and I see it.