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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Nactel Admin
Created on Jan 20, 2023

Ring Group's in the "Groups" section as an alternative to Call Queue's. Right now they only exist under the user?

Ring Central has Ring Group's under the user section which is very problematic. If a user accidentally changes their call flow via the Ring Central app or even loses power to the phone they can break the incoming call flow for a main number. Ring Groups should not be associated with a specific user and be located under the "groups" section. You may say, "Well just use a call queue." Call Queues function just like an acd group, if the user is busy they will not be presented with a second call. It will skip them entirely. This is problematic for companies that don't have more than one receptionist. Ring Groups will present multiple simultaneous calls to the members in the group.