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Status Under review
Created by Starkey Roberson
Created on Jan 31, 2023

IVR for order status, sending texts and more interactive experiences.

I just called Ring Central today and the IVR was completely different than what it use to be. It now has more features for announcements while on hold. It gives the caller an estimated hold time. It also sends text messages to the caller's phone number when the caller says "send chat" or whatever the prompt is. I wonder why that option is not available for their customers. Companies have been using those features for years and they are now outdated, but we still don't have those features available to us. Having the ability to automate and integrate our phone system will save us time and money, otherwise we will have to pay more in payroll just to do those repetitive tasks. Our IVR systems needs a major upgrade and it's not fair for customers to call them and hear all these fancy options, but when we ask about it the response is "We can do it but you can't." Step your game up Ring Central!