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Status Under review
Created by ATC Support
Created on Feb 9, 2023

Microsoft Teams connection to truly follow the calendar

To have Microsoft connection to truly follow the calendar so that when in a meeting it will auto go to a do not disturb and then back to available when out of the meeting. Another nice item would be if it follows the MS Teams so if you are on a general call (it goes red) that it would do the same.

  • Wulf Rajek
    Apr 12, 2023

    While a third party plugin in the Microsoft shop is available to provide functionality of synced presence status between ACO and MS Teams, this comes with a per user cost and really should be offered by RingCentral. MS Teams and ACO should be aware of each other's status in the sense that when an ACO call comes in, MS Teams status should be set to DND/Busy/In call or whatever appropriate and revert the status when the ACO call ends. Likewise, when someone is on an MS Teams video, or audio call, ACO should be set to DND for the duration.

    A real integration with ACO as a full WebRTC app within MS Teams would be the ultimate goal and I believe this is being worked on but requires MS to release WebRTC functionality for Teams Apps (which was planned for Q1 2022). The current MS Teams app can do not much more than to emulate web click-to-dial and is not useful.