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Status Under review
Created by IT-Ken Hagan
Created on Feb 14, 2023

Show user status in contacts list

Ability to see user status in all web/desktop views would be a timesaver.

  • IT-Ken Hagan
    Apr 28, 2023

    We have some users that are on App and a sizeable number of users that have only desktop phones (Poly). The request stems from the desire to see if there is a sales representative (available) that a call can be transferred to by just glancing at the App/HUD. Similar to having an extension module on a desktop phone showing all extensions.

  • Ariel Kahn
    Feb 24, 2023

    Agreed, there should be a much easier way to see custom status in the list of messages than green/gray/red. For example, other messaging programs will display a chosen emoji next to the name list. If you hover over the name, you can see the full custom status. This is great for quick info like "in a meeting" "brb" "walking the dog" "at lunch" without having to go to that individual's full chat window. Red/gray/green dot is helpful, but only to know if someone is on an active call or not.