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Status Under review
Created by Michaël Moens
Created on Feb 20, 2023

Could the "accept queue call" status be visible on all pages of the RC app or permanent visible

We have noticed that many of ours users do change the option of the call queue status to do not accept and move it back to accept. But it happens also that they change to Do Not Accept and forget about that status and sometimes till days after notice that they do not get que calls.
Therefore it would be a good idea to show the status permanent on the RC app
Maybe on all app types but for sure on desktop app.

  • Santiago Delgado
    Sep 6, 2023

    This is something that we would REALLY like to see implemented. At least make the toggle visible on the main call screen.

  • Logan Kesselring
    Mar 9, 2023

    This would be a welcomed change. We have the same issue at our company from time to time.

    Following advice is for Premium/Ultimate plans

    If you didn't know, as a super admin or call queue admin/manager you can look at who's member status is activated at any time. Phone System > Groups > Call Queues > "Queue" > Call Handling & Members. You can also flick the "Member Status" checkbox to activate said members.