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Status Under review
Created by Zachary Adams
Created on Feb 21, 2023

Implement Opt-in / Opt-out Controls for Enhanced Business SMS

RingCentral already has implemented Opt-in / Opt-out controls for its high volume A2P SMS product. This is also a necessity for the Enhanced Business SMS product to keep all customers as well as RingCentral compliant.

This enhancement should cover the automatic blocking of texting company-wide to numbers which have explicitly opt-out, but it should add auto-replies similar to the functionality of RingCentral Automator for company-wide use that are controlled by Admins for individual lines and company phone numbers as well.

  • Alex Velazquez - IT
    Apr 10, 2023

    I second this request. With the new TCR compliance requirements, being able to have users opt in/out of SMS communications would be extremely helpful. I asked support if there are any 3rd party developers that work with RingCentral that provided this paid functionality, and they said there aren't.