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Status Under review
Created by Nick Rowland
Created on Mar 7, 2023

Desktop App Specific Permissions

I would like to have the ability to remove certain permissions for some users in the desktop app only. For example, there are some users we want to be able to use the meetings/RCV feature for online meetings, but not be able to call or text from the app. I would also like to remove access to fax, Apps, Messages, Workspace (tasks, calendar, etc.) as there are some features that we use other platforms for and do not want available to our users.

  • Alisa Zampini
    Mar 17, 2023

    In regards to fax options, we would like to be able to restrict the ability to receive inbound fax, send outbound fax via email, and/or send outbound fax via RingCentral app. So, for example, a user should be able to send an outbound fax via email (where we have stronger data retention in place) but not send an outbound fax via the RingCentral application.