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Status Under review
Created by Cypress Devil
Created on Mar 14, 2023

Some snappy features missing

The desktop app does not have a easy way to delete all the records. Or often referred to as a delete all command. Another great feature it's lacking the ability to leave notes on numbers a lot less difficult than it already is. This would be really crafty if it had a little icon right beside the fax button. And making the app more into a CMR itself as other ones are so expensive. More innovation into this app and it would be considered perfect. If it would display the carrier on every call that would be cool or provider of the VoIP incase of scam or abuse for quick reporting.

  • Cypress Devil
    Mar 14, 2023

    Sorry about my terrible grammar above. I have a bit of a developmental disability so it makes life a extra challenge. I'm just trying to add more anti scam features to the app. Because I hunt scammers and some of my ideas would be great to keep customers safe just knowing the VOIP carrier you're getting a call from gives you enough time to e-mail them and get it disconnected. I'd also like to see inbound text messaging for those that cant do that TCR. I feel very restricted as I only want to receive text messages from scammers. You know a few of these ideas crammed into the app would make it most possibly the best app on the web