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Status Under review
Created by Bryan Starr
Created on Mar 20, 2023

BLF codes for users needs to be in the Admin portal

Configuring the HUD to put buttons on desk phones is non-functional, because you can't include numbers of people outside the RingCentral system, like cell numbers of field personnel. That requires programming the buttons on your desk phone manually.

Once you program a single button manually, changes to the HUD will no longer populate buttons on your desk phone, which is the only way to find the BLF code for someone, that you need to add manually. When a new user is added to the system, a phone must be reset, to allow the HUD to populate the buttons to find their BLF code. Also, tech support is unable to tell you what that code is.

Please just display the BLF code on the user or phone, whatever it is attached to, in the Admin portal, so that it isn't necessary to do all this just to make the code available for people to program into their desk phones!