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Status Under review
Created by Rajveer Damami
Created on Mar 23, 2023

List of users who access of ringcentral in mobile phone.

It is useful in the sense when a user is accessing his/her account in desktop/laptop, an IT person or Manager is aware about that. but in some cases users take access in mobile and use it for any unknown purpose.
A user can take access by resetting his/her own password by sending the link to email id. which is managed by themselves only.
As a company we can give a single/dual email address for backup , because tracing it would be very hard sometimes.

So feasibility is in giving user mail address only. and as I said earlier user can easily reset his/her password can take disadvantages.

By this type of activity company could loss its call and messaging credits. which would be in resulting an adverse effect in company fincance.