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Status Under review
Created by David Trabanino
Created on Mar 27, 2023

Collecting customer feedback after a call or X amount of calls in the day

RingCentral feature that could be turned on on queues for all members, or extensions, for collecting feedback after the end of a call or option of after every few/X amount of calls. Example, When a caller calls a number/extension/queue group that has the feedback feature "on" , to ask the customer to wait after the call ends to stay for a brief survey. Either an automated satisfaction option of scale to 1 star(poor) to 5 start(best) with option to record a brief "voicemail feedback" if customer/caller chooses, such recorded feedback could be assigned to a mailbox email of a RC user(s) assigned to check the feedbacks or a "feedback tab/menu" added in management RC console to check the results of the feedbacks. This idea might need more polishing but you get the picture.