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Status Under review
Created by Pete Wells
Created on Mar 30, 2023

MSI installer with Auto Update

Please create either a system wide MSI or EXE installer with auto update that can be installed with one user profile on a computer and be available with all other profiles old and new.

Right now if we install using the exe installer it will auto update but the next user will need to have RingCentral installed on their profile. Or if we install using the msi installer under an administrator profile other users will also have RC available next time they log in but it doesn't get updates automatically and IT has to either push those updates out or manually reinstall using the MSI for the update. Both of which is time consuming.

  • Kevin Micol
    Feb 12, 2024

    It would be great if the MSI installers allowed administrators to choose if they wanted auto-updates or not.

    Also, if and when this idea gets implemented, don't forget to add it to both the RingCentral App AND the RingCentral for Teams Plugin installer as well.

  • Gaege Rivera - 1603
    Apr 3, 2023

    As an additional item, The MSI file that IT pushes out should be able to uninstall all the single instances of Ring Central on the pc. As is, If users have been installing the standalone auto-updating version, I have to log the user in to remove it from their profile, for each user or completely clear house with a power shell script. It would be nice if the MSI could clear our the auto-updater versions on user profiles.