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Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit CUSTCOM-I-1228 Ability to assign Custom Fax Cover Page to all Users with Extensions (Company ).

Custom Fax Cover Page Merged

Add custom fax cover page feature to Ring Central App. Currently, only possible via Phone app.

  • Guest
  • Dec 29 2020
  • Under review
Product Line RingCentral App
  • Guest commented
    17 Nov, 2021 09:47pm

    Please add custom cover pages as an option. The fact that the old app had this option and the new one doesn't is pretty ridiculous.

  • Guest commented
    11 Nov, 2021 07:43pm

    I can't believe I'm paying $240 a year for e-faxes and RingCentral doesn't even allow custom cover pages. I'm looking elsewhere.

  • Guest commented
    8 Nov, 2021 07:25pm

    Please add the custom fax cover sheet as an option.

  • Guest commented
    25 Oct, 2021 10:13pm

    A feature that allows us to edit or remove personal info on top of fax.

  • Chris Revell commented
    21 Oct, 2021 04:33pm

    We need this option as well. A template to deploy to the entire organization would be helpful also.

  • Barrett Loveless commented
    28 Sep, 2021 12:27pm

    Incredibly important feature. We continue to have to use both the RingCentral App and RingCentral Phone App in our thin client environment. I also agree with Gary about medical offices. Our patients and referring offices need to see that the fax is from us. Please add this feature.

  • Gary Kugler commented
    19 Aug, 2021 06:54pm

    I agree with most comments, we need to be able to fax with a custom cover sheet (preferrably with our logo) from multiple devices, sources. This is essential for medical offices as we use fax very often as it is HIPAA compliant and email or text is not. Please add this basic feature.

  • Danielle Howes commented
    19 Aug, 2021 02:50pm

    Please add this feature! It's clearly used by a lot of people

  • Thomas Chambers commented
    9 Aug, 2021 07:01pm

    Prioritize the restoration/addition of the custom fax page IMMEDIATELY. You simply cannot offer a mainline Fax product lacking this feature, it's absurd.

  • Fin commented
    6 Aug, 2021 09:08pm

    Please add this!!

  • Keith Davis commented
    27 Jul, 2021 03:14pm

    Yea, this is a killer for us and we would not have upgraded if we had known this was not available.

  • Guest commented
    23 Jul, 2021 11:34pm

    We NEED to have the ability to create a custom fax cover page with our firm's logo. Seems like such a basic thing to have and I'm surprised it is not available. Please tell us that the developers are working on this.

  • Guest commented
    21 Jul, 2021 08:39pm

    Please add the ability to have a custom fax cover sheet. It is absolutely mandatory for a professional office.

  • Guest commented
    5 Jul, 2021 11:21pm

    I have two businesses and need two different cover pages each with the business infomation pertaining to the appropriate business and business contacts. Seems like Ring Central sacrificed essential feature found on the Ring Central Phone app to come late to the game of the same functionality asTeams (already have this through Microsoft), Zoom, Skype, Facetime and Messager apps. Who's needs another app to do what we already can do and are already doing via these other tried and tusted applications? The new Ring Central apps is just redundancy (with already existing appls) but with a net loss of real fax functionality. (i.e. the Ring Central Phone app). Makes no sense to me.

  • Brita Rust commented
    21 Jun, 2021 07:03pm

    I don't understand why this is not available on the Ring Central Office App. It is on the Fax app that we used to use, but not on the new app. We don't fax often, but when we do we want to be able to control what we are faxing. I think we might have turned off the cover page and made a page we include as the first page now. It would be much better to just have a truly custom cover page.

  • Margie-Jo Miller commented
    2 Jun, 2021 06:23pm

    We are new to RingCentral and need this functionality for users to send professional faxes.

  • jesse Barnes commented
    25 May, 2021 05:01pm

    P.S. if you NEED to use a custom fax cover you can use the Desktop Phone app to send your faxes, custom cover sheets are supported on that app.

  • jesse Barnes commented
    25 May, 2021 04:59pm

    Literally hilarious you decided NOT to include this off the bat. What a sad situation

  • Anney Banales commented
    25 May, 2021 04:02pm

    Very interested in this feature. When will this be added to the app? Are you currently working on it?

  • Sarah Drennan commented
    21 May, 2021 06:50pm

    Our HIPPA clients need the ability to have their HIPPA warning on faxes with PII or PHI, we are anxiously awaiting this feature. Thanks!

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