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Status Implemented
Created by Joe Margiotta
Created on Apr 4, 2023

Need a way to limit the user that a Person can see on Reports

I need a way setup users in analitcs so that The user can only see the people that report to him. Right now when a user is added to analytics he can see all of the company.

  • Admin
    George Lu
    May 19, 2023

    Hi Joe,

    Please configure the user's permissions under the admin portal according to the level of data visibility you would like them to see.

    By default users's can only see their own data if nothing is enabled, but there are options to allow users to only see the queues they manage or groups they are a part of.

    In addition you can also create a dashboard that can be shared with the user of a specific grouping of users that can be view only.

    Please contact us for instruction on how to limit data visibility if there are any questions.


    George Lu