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Status Under review
Created by Michael Shupe
Created on Dec 31, 2020

Per-user outbound caller ID list customization and search feature.

We have 281 company numbers and it would be nice if we could customize the outbound caller ID list list on a per-user basis so that users would only see the numbers they need to call out of. Currently, they have to wade through every single company number to choose the one they want. We can set the default one for them with a template, but some users regularly need to make calls from multiple company numbers. A search feature would also be nice in the RingCentral app on desktop app and RingCentral Mobile apps when selecting a "Call from:" number.

Product Line RingCentral App
  • Ben (Admin) Tran
    May 7, 2023

    This is urgently needed. We have hundreds of numbers and user who move between sites daily. They need to be able to select different callerID depending on the site they are calling out for.

    Ring now they just get a list that has no names so very error prone trying to quickly select the Caller ID number from the large list of caller ID.

    Also, We need the ability to restrtict what caller ID the user are able to present themselves as. For example, they should only be allowed to (aka only thos shows) present their direct numebr plsu the ones from the call Queues they are part of (at that pint in time).

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  • Jacob Rastetter
    Nov 18, 2021

    Same boat. We desperately need this. We have several thousand numbers.

  • Kyle Routh
    Sep 27, 2021

    We have a few hundred phone numbers on our RC account, and we have a call center that now uses RC as we just migrated

    The problem is, they dial out using various phone numbers, to appear local to the recipient. In RC, it shows the entire list of the numbers on the account, without any search or filter options

    so they have to scroll down and select the number they need out of hundred and hundreds of numbers, leaving a massive room for error if they dial from a number not configured to receive their all back

    So we need some way to limit or search through the numbers available to dial out from on the softphone app, to numbers relevant to our call center department

  • Elyse Watts
    Aug 6, 2021

    This would be helpful for us as well. My users move between just a few offices and each office uses a different caller ID; it's important for our operations to reflect the correct ID. But our list of main numbers is quite large due to a base of 40+ offices, plus marketing campaign numbers, plus many legacy numbers ported in and invisibly directing to our main menus. Therefore this is not something I can allow my users to manage, instead what I have done is to set up templates for each office that must be applied by a manager who has been granted permission to the "users" area of the system. It would be great if we could allow users to select from a designated set of named main numbers, themselves, in the service web or desktop app.


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