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Status Under review
Created by Ralph Crespo
Created on Apr 20, 2023

Deleting Shared Voicemailbox Messages from Call Queue

Hi, My client does not have a receptionist nor do they have dedicated staff to each phone. When the calls come in they go to the call queue and if a vmail is left, one of the members in that call queue would need to address it and delete it from the queue after it's addressed.

This would be extremely useful in scenarios similar to my client's, possibly call centers, or any other scenario where multiple call queues are being utilized, especially for after hour voicemails.

Each user assigned to the shared mailbox would have write access to that mailbox allowing them to delete the messages from it. If the concern would be voicemails that were deleted by accident or intentionally, the emailed voicemails could server as a back up to those messages or implement a trash bin for shared mailboxes so that it can be retrieved by the super admin or mailbox owner.