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Created by Phillip Thomsen
Created on Jan 5, 2021

Send webhooks for Unified Presence events

Hi RC Devs.

Hope this is the right place to post this.

In currently aware of that the new RingCentral App Presence is different from the Phone App Presecen on the API site, and since Phone is in progress of sun set (got info from your one of your devs) we need to move on to support your new App, including the white labeled solutions.

Unfortunately we rely on Presence Events, and currently the Unified Presence is only available as a GET using the API. We would much appreciate if the new presence would be available as an Unified Presence Event - like the old event for Phone, Extension Presence Event.

If that's not an option I would much appreciate if you would notify me - and in that case I would guess that we must change the engine of our app to do some intensive polling using the GET method to keep Presence synced???

Note* I'm open for ideas if you got any, though have spoken with tech support who recommened me going straight to the developer community and make a feature request since he couldn't find much regarding the topic.

Thanks in advance.
Hope it makes sense and feel free to contact me!

Product Line Developer Platform and APIs
  • Phillip Thomsen
    Jan 20, 2021

    Please just ignore my last post, don't know what i was thinking when testing the call flow with the new presence call.
    Anyway figured out i called myself and assumed something wrong during that, managed to test it the right way ;)
    Every thing is good!

  • Phillip Thomsen
    Jan 14, 2021

    Hi Byrne.

    I now have the core running with the polling solution. Though i noted we do not have a way to determ if a call is inbound or outbound utilizing this information - and therefore we cannot activate the speaker in our device to notify the user on incoming calls.
    We cannot do this since in- and outbound calls are both listed as Ringing in the UnifiedPresence.Telephony.Status property. Not sure if it's an option, but to get this feature working i rely on the GetUnifiedPresence response/logic is adapted a bit.

    - adapting telephony state ringing to ringing-in/ringing-out
    - adding an additional property under telephony showing inbound/outbound
    - eventually, if the "UnifiedPresence.Status" could be switch to Busy on outgoing call would also fix it from my side, that way i can determ if it's one direction or the other.

  • Phillip Thomsen
    Jan 13, 2021

    Hi Byrne. Thanks for your reply. Really usefull info on the rate limit, I'll try to get with support according to get it uprated at bit. We will look forward to have the event driven features down the road!

  • Admin
    Byrne Reese
    Jan 11, 2021

    @Phillip - thank you for the idea. We have this feature on our backlog and fully intend one day to implement it. However, it has not currently been scheduled. So my recommendation in the meantime is to rely on polling to keep systems in sync. We know this is not ideal, but it is the most viable solution for the time being. Keep in mind as well, depending upon how often you are polling the API, you may need to reach out to our support team to adjust your rate limits to avoid being throttled.