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Status Under review
Created by BerganKDV Admin
Created on May 4, 2023

Status based call handling options

What I would like to get a solution for

  1. While in a meeting status, calls should be forwarded directly to voice mail and they are not disrupted during the meeting while in this status

  2. In the instance when a meeting ends early, and the user tries to change their status from in a meeting to available, the system is changing the status back to in a meeting (the user has their outlook calendar synced with ringcentral)

  3. There needs to be a way to modify call handling settings and associate them with statuses, examples:

    1. Status: out of office, set calls to forward to cell number

    2. Status: in a meeting, send calls to voicemail

    3. Status: available, forward calls to cell phone

    4. These statuses and actions need to be able to be manipulated by the user, refer to Mitel’s currently call status settings.