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Status Under review
Created by Jorge Mico
Created on May 8, 2023

Feature to Enable: Only Super Admin Should Create Support Cases

Why is it useful? - To have an organized way of submitting and tracking support cases and to see the volume of the affected users on the account.

Who would benefit from it?
- RingCentral, IT supports, Super Admin.
- Eliminates multiple duplicated cases by different non-Super Admin users.

How should it work?
- It can be added as role permission. This should be disabled by default for Standard users. Or can be a permission modifiable for custom roles. 


Restrict opening support cases to admins only

Please add an option within Custom Roles (or via other means) to restrict users from opening their own RingCentral support cases. A standard user is able to log in at and open their own case, and that support site i...
Rodney Wiedle 6 months ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 Under review