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Status Under review
Created by Vanessa P
Created on May 11, 2023

External Number Responds to Group Text Message

Created a group SMS. Sending to the group text works. When an external number replies to the sent SMS to the group, the RingCentral user will receive the response in an individual conversation. Currently, only RingCentral users can respond to the group text message and be part of the thread.

  • Frank William
    Aug 21, 2023

    We are experiencing issues with outbound/inbound group chat. The Text Messages from non-Ring Central phone numbers don't come back into the group, I'm receiving their text Messages individually. I've been using the group chat for like a year and had no issues before but now it's not working.

  • Erika Cobb
    Jun 28, 2023

    I am on the phone with Ring Central customer service right now and he is guiding me through posting this.

    Ring Central is false advertising that it has Group Text Messaging. The customer service rep confirmed with senior tech support that it's not true. A Ring Central user can start a group text message; however, responses from non-Ring Central phone numbers don't come back into the group, they come back individually. Which defeats the purpose. The purpose of group text messages is to keep all group members on the same page so all sent and received messages need to be held in that same thread, never individually. Otherwise we'd just send individual texts.

    So saying Ring Central offers group text messaging is false advertising and scamming people.

    The group text messages need to be able to be sent and received by non-Ring Central phone numbers in a group.