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Status Under review
Created by Leah Oliver
Created on May 12, 2023

Notes section for general settings, IVRs, call queues, individual extensions

My company has many locations that serve various purposes. Each with their own hours, IVRs, preferences, call queues depending on what that location does. The settings on the IVRs and call queues can change depending on the time of year and as the seasons change. For example, in the Spring, some locations want to bypass the IVR and have callers go directly into a queue because call volume spikes. But when Fall comes around, they want to go back to the IVR with the menu.

We have multiple admins that manage the phone system with different levels of proficiency. While we try to document changes and why those changes were made, it can get messy and confusing. It would be so nice if there was a notes area for each area in the admin portal where we could add info on why something was setup the way it was (so another admin doesn't look at it later and assume the settings are wrong). Whether the current settings are temporary or not. What the old settings were so they can go back to them when the season changes again.

Just a little text box where I could put something like:

"This IVR was set to bypass the menu on 3/1/2023 using custom rules. These rules should be toggled off when the manager tells us, but don't delete them because we'll toggle back on next year."

"This call queue has a custom rule that changes the wait time during certain hours"

"This call queue is set to not allow members to change their status because the members will end up all toggling their status off and then there won't be anyone available to take calls. Don't change this setting without management approval."