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Created on Jan 7, 2021

Change multiple call queue managers in mass, or assign group as call queue manager

We have a need to soon create up to 200 call queues for varying locations that all require different phone numbers with differing area codes.

We have a group of managers that need to be the ones to update the call queue membership, thus they need to have call queue manager access to each one. We really need to avoid having to manually add each manager to 200+ different call queues. Especially in the event of personnel changes. We need a way to either:

a) assign a user as a call queue manager to multiple call queues at once?


b) Create a group of sorts, and then assign that group as the call queue manager. We could assign that group to all, and then modify the group membership as needed.

Product Line RingCentral Admin Portal
  • Jon Betow
    Aug 9, 2022

    Agreed - there really needs to be the ability to make bulk changes (managers, users, business hours, wait settings, etc.) We have over 600 call queues and are well on our way to 1K.