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Status Under review
Created by Peter Wagner
Created on May 30, 2023

Single click to Send Text please

The unified Inbox is a good idea. Now, however, to send a text, there's an extra click for something we do dozens of times a day:

  • + to send new message

  • up comes menu: Send new text/Send new fax

    • I will never send a Fax

    • It's a step backwards to have to choose from this menu rather than directly opening up a new text message


  1. replace + w/ 2 icons +Text, +Fax to eliminate the menu

  2. when user selects the Text Inbox and hits + from there, New Text Message should be assumed

    1. Fax Inbox should mimic this behavior for faxes

Thank you.

  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez
    Jun 1, 2023

    Great feedback, thank you! We're glad you like the Unified Inbox and your suggestion is very helpful.

    Given that we have increased your steps with the Unified Inbox for now, I do want to offer a way to get back to the separate Text tab, but still keeping many of the other benefits of our updated app (pop-out HUD, pop-out dialpad, compact mode, etc). You can go to Settings>>Customize Tabs and turn off the Unified Inbox (2nd option on the screen).

    We will be reviewing your feedback -just wanted to give you a good alternative if you need it.