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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Pete Wells
Created on May 31, 2023

Add options for enabling call recording announcement

Please add an option under Automatic Call Recoding that will allow for us to chose to enable the announcement for Internal calls.

Currently the three options are:

1) Play periodic tones for outbound calls

2) Play Call Recording Announcement for Outbound Calls

3) Allow mute in auto call recording

This has been asked before and turned down with the reasoning of


  • Our Product and Legal teams have confirmed that this feature will not be implemented as it exposes RingCentral to unnecessary vulnerabilities.

Were the call recoding section clearly has this disclaimer saying RingCentral can not be held liable for our lack of compliance.

Certain state and federal call recording laws apply to your use of this call recording feature. By using the RingCentral call recording feature, you are required and agree to maintain compliance with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations. You understand and agree that you are solely responsible and liable for compliance with such laws and regulations, and under no circumstances shall RingCentral be responsible or held liable for such compliance. You agree to indemnify RingCentral in accordance with Section 25 of the RingCentral End User License Agreement and Terms of Service (available at for any violations of such laws and regulations.

In some states, you are required to obtain consent from all parties to record a phone call. As a result, you may need to inform your employees and third-parties whom you call through the service that their calls are being recorded. Third parties will receive an automated announcement indicating that the call is being recorded only when they call you. You are responsible for obtaining any and all legally-required consents when you make a call with call recording enabled.

You should consult with an attorney prior to recording any call. The information above does not constitute legal advic