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Status Under review
Created by 6001 Mark Beaver
Created on Jun 9, 2023

Allow Admins to turn "Accept Call Queue Calls" on and off via Admin Portal for extensions

We can see if call queue members are available, busy, or unavailable but cannot turn the "Accept Call Queue Calls" feature on for extensions via the admin portal. Some of our extensions are desk phones and there is no way to login as the extension to turn that on

  • Lee Kendall
    Nov 9, 2023

    There is a way to manually enable/disable a user extensions' setting to "Accept queue calls" in the admin portal. Got to "Users" > "User List" > "Users with Extensions". Select the user you wish to change, go to "Group Memberships", and enable or disable "Member Status".

    If you are looking at preventing users from changing their own setting, there is a feature request already open (CUSTCOM-I-1127):