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Created by Angel Anderson
Created on Jun 12, 2023

Include KPI's in LOB export

There are so many kpi's, all useful, but higher level execs will not know how to interpret their function. Including the kpi's, preferably as a note in the excel cell where the title exists, similar to the note shown in the online dashboard where kpi's are selected to add to the widget, would be super helpful.

  • Angel Anderson
    Jun 28, 2023

    More info here: In the LOB widgets screen, there is a place to download an excel workbook. When you download the workbook, it shows the selected KPI's, but not the definition of what it does. When you select KPI's to create the widget, there is a pop-up that tells you what the KPI is.

    I created a widget, downloaded the workbook, and presented the data to managers. I received a barrage of questions about what the data means. Having the kpi definition show as a note in the cell when hovering a cursor over the kpi would provide a better understanding of the data.